History of the
KF Group


Equity investment in RomotionCam GmbH, a Berlin-based company in the renewable energy sector. Equity investment in the French company Fonto de vivo.

Acquisition of the Berlin company Kobert&Partner GmbH (operating in the fields of contaminated site and groundwater remediation).


Bremer pro aqua Wasser- u. Abwassertechnik GmbH becomes part of the KF Group. Learn more.

Foundation of Harbauer Kenya LTD, specialising in fluoride removal from water, as a 100% subsidiary of Harbauer GmbH  


Acquisition of NAIS Wasseraufbereitungs GmbH from Augsburg, present in the fields of water treatment, water recovery and wastewater treatment.


uviblox GmbH, from the exhaust air purification sector, becomes a 100% subsidiary of Harbauer GmbH.

Foundation of Harbauer Do Brasil - Tecnologias Ambientais Ltda., from the sectors of contaminated site remediation, water, soil and air treatment as well as process water, as a 100% subsidiary of Harbauer GmbH.



The companies WEIL Wasseraufbereitung GmbH and ROWA Aquaristik GmbH from Osnabrück become part of the KF Group. Equity participation in GEH Wasserchemie GmbH.

Logo of the Märkische Ziegel GmbH


Acquisition of Märkische Ziegel GmbH from Klausdorf.



Closure of Gebrüder Kemmer GmbH.

Logo of the Daugs Schüler GmbH


Acquisition of the drilling company Daugs and Schüler, which are now united as Daugs-Schüler GmbH.


Spin-off of Kemmer Engineering GmbH from the explosive ordnance disposal division of Gebrüder Kemmer GmbH.

Logo of Harbauer India Ltd.


Foundation of Harbauer India pvt. LTD as a 100% subsidiary of Harbauer GmbH as a follow-up to a development project in India.

Logo der KF Unternehmensgruppe


Reacquisition of Gebrüder Kemmer GmbH together with Harbauer GmbH and gbav Gesellschaft für Boden- und Abfallverwertung mbH by the Kemmer/Fischer family from the insolvency estate of Philipp Holzmann AG.

Logo der Philipp Holzmann AG


Sale of the two companies to Philipp Holzmann AG.

Logo der Harbauer GmbH


Acquisition of Harbauer GmbH, which deals with remediation of contaminated sites and water treatment.


Foundation of Gebrüder Kemmer GmbH as a transport company. The company successively expands its range of services to include special underground engineering, hydraulic engineering, explosive ordnance disposal and environmental technologies.